Meet the Team

The Writers Collective is about changing the world for the better. Our ideal world would be Utopian. As to exactly how it would look and how to get there we don’t pretend to know. What we do know is that we are not satisfied with the world we find ourselves in and are committed to working to improve it.


Jack Moscou

Jack has an extensive background in management training and staff development for health care institutions in the USA and Canada; for municipal and state governments; and for candidates in various political campaigns. His commentary on political events was previously posted in He is the author of Why not Utopia: A Political Platform in Search of a Party.


Robert Oster

Dr. Robert Oster had been a professional child actor, radio jazz program host  psychotherapist and management trainer. He worked for several different New York City and New York State agencies and taught at a variety of colleges and universities before retiring after over 30 years of service. Bob launched a new career several years ago as a novelist. You can visit his website at to learn more about his background and his more than half dozen published works.


Yvonne Scruggs

Dr. Yvonne Scruggs-Leftwich currently serves as the President- CEO of the Center for Community and Economic Justice, Inc. Her previous positions include Executive Director and CEO of the national Black Leadership Forum and Executive Director of President Carter’s Urban and Regional Policy Task Force.In addition to authoring many periodical and journal articles , policy reports and commentary she is also the author of Consensus and Compromise: Creating The First National Urban Policy Under President Carter and Sound Bites of Protest. Her work has been recognized by the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild's Front Page Award - the Bernie Harrison Memorial Award for Commentary; and, also the Griot Award for Commentary from the Tampa Bay Association of Black Journalists.


Stephen James

Stephen James is a communications media expert who draws on 30 years of writing and research experience. He has followed the American culture from many vantage points, and has written for the United Nations, public television, and various corporations. He is president of CHI Foundation and executive director of Humanist Society of Metropolitan New York. He is the author ofAmerican Stew: Hope in a Toxic Culture.